• Rubber Devices

    Thru innovation, Microjuntas is offering to the market technologic solution for Rubber Device. Taking in advantage the know-how of producing from Natural Rubber, FKM's, NBR's, SBR's, EPDM's, Silicon and all types of rubber, Microjuntas is ready to reach any needs.
    A modern laboratory allied with R&D, enable us to reach the proper characteristic and conditions for all rubber application, decreasing costs of production respecting product's quality and properties. Controlling all production step, Microjuntas guarantees quality, repeatability and reliability on its products.
    Along decades producing Rubber Devices for several shapes, color and quantities, highlights the innovation and versatility of the company for the perfect attendance to various industrial applications, as refrigeration, water and sewer system, white goods, engines, air compressor, o'rings, gas and others.