People Management

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    Microjuntas offers to all its workers, appropriate conditions to market reference. Benefits as transport, food, private healthy care extend also for relatives, internal campaigns focused on worker health, agreements with several companies, award gifts, extend maternity leave and extensive support for education and gradutation.
    Microjuntas believes and appreciate the intelectual property, that's why invests constantly in education, offering financed study regarding our internal police, and with programs shared with local institutions. Also supports projects focused on eduction of adults and younger people, offering them its internal structure to welcome everyone with comfort inside their working environment. The reasons which drives Microjuntas to be involved on these projects besides the opportunity for the worker-student be able to improve its education already inside their working places, it's also the opportunity to contribute with their personal wishes, intelectual training for their future and increase the educacional level in the company and society. Microjuntas offers benefits recognizing the effort of each worker and emphasizing how important everyone its important for the Company's development.